Finding a worthwhile non-profit you can both trust and enjoy is hard. Duck Classic is the largest - and we think the most fun - charity fundraiser in Arkansas for the past 18 years.


Cancer is the leading cause of death in Crittenden and surrounding counties. Sadly our region has higher cancer death rates in four of the most common types of cancers than both Arkansas or the nation.
Before, patients in our area would have to travel 30 miles or more to receive cancer treatment, but with the opening of the new Baptist Cancer Center, patients can now receive care and treatment close to home. As with so many other diseases, patient needs go beyond just medical. A cancer diagnosis can be a financial burden on a family who are already struggling to make ends meet. From a tank of gas to simply travel to treatment to other needed resources associated with a cancer diagnosis, the Crittenden Cancer Patient Assistance Fund provides a helping hand to patients and families who are going through cancer treatment.

Your participation and support of Duck Classic will help support this needed fund and will stay right here in our community. You will be providing hope and help to those battling cancer during these difficult times.
For more information contact Kim Provost at 501-283-1170 or Kim.Provost@bmhcc.org